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Arrival and Departure Information
Skybus. Paulgers Passenger Transport meets all Skybus flights. They will bring you directly to the guesthouse and when dropping you off will make an arrangement to collect you for your return journey. The cost for this is £3.50 per person one way or £6.50 per person, return.
Paulgers Passenger Transport (01720) 423701.

Scillonian. If you are arriving by Scillonian and your luggage is clearly labelled for “Freesia Guesthouse”, it will be delivered by a local carrier Company; “Island Carriers” for a nominal fee of £1.35 per item. This saves waiting on the quay for it to be unloaded.

Bike Hire
St. Mary's has two bike hire outlets; St. Mary's Bike Hire, 07769 638 506 or Book a Bike on Scilly, contact (01720) 422786 or 07887 841 033. www.bookabikeonscilly.com .

Inter island boating is a big part of any holiday to Scilly. We have St. Mary's Boatmen's Association; www.scillyboating.co.uk where you can visit every island, every day, throughout the main season plus they offer circular trips to see the seals and birds including puffins (April to late July) and the lighthouses. There is no need to book for these trips, just check the boat boards for times and turn up. Alternatively there are several independent operators who carry just 12 passengers which is ideal for a more intimate day out. These trips do need booking but can be done while you are on the island.


There is just one cashpoint on the islands at Lloyds Bank; there is also a branch of Barclays where you can withdraw cash over the counter during normal banking hours. You are able to get “cash back” at various establishments including the local Co-op store and Douglas the Chemist.

Credit Cards
Credit/debit cards are not widely accepted across the islands so payment will need to be cash or cheque with a cheque guarantee card.

Dress code
Casual dress is perfectly acceptable in the majority of restaurants on the islands. However, when dining in any of the hotel restaurants a smarter dress code is required.

Mobile phone signal
Mobile phone signal on the islands is very "patchy". Some providers eg. T Mobile have no signal here at all. Due to the location of our Guesthouse, we get a very good signal, the best coverage being with Vodafone, O2 and Orange. If you are reliant on your phone whilst on the islands, it would be wise to consult with your service provider, prior to arrival, to establish if you can obtain a signal on the islands.

Penzance Accommodation
We recommend Blue Seas Hotel; www.blueseashotel-penzance.co.uk .

Penzance Taxis
Taxi Penzance on 01736 366366

There are several good taxi services on the island, which charge approximately £5.00 for up to 3 people or for four people or more it is £1.50 per person.

DJ Cabs: (01720) 423775
Island Taxis: (01720) 422635
Toots Taxis: 07570624669
Dial A Doux: 07799242220

Train Travel
If you are intending to travel by train we advise that you do not book an Apex ticket for your return journey. Your departure from the islands can sometimes be subject to delays due to weather or technical issues. It would be wise to purchase a flexible ticket as Apex tickets are non transferable and non refundable.
For more details see: www.firstgreatwestern.co.uk